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Terms of Use

Please read these TERMS OF SERVICE and CONDITIONS OF USE carefully before navigating the site. The use of this Website constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with any of the provisions set out below, do not use this site. If you do use the services offered by this website, you will be deemed to have tacitly accepted the following conditions:


Website Terms of Service and Conditions of Use: rules for using the site; User: a person who, having access to the World Wide Web (Internet), accesses the site and fills out a registration form in order to participate in our contests, promotions, releases, virtual recipe book, blog, or to contact customer service or the ethical channel.

User Registration: personal data provided by the user, the truth of which is his/her responsibility; Password: a string of at least 6 characters mandatorily composed of letters and numbers and entered by the user during registration on the site. The password is personal and non-transferable, and is used to verify his/her digital identity while on the site, ensuring that the user is who he/she claims to be. To set the password, he/she must meet the following security recommendations: the password should be easy to remember; dates or words that are easily associable to the user should be avoided; the user’s first or last name should not be used.

Brands and Copyrights

All material on this website, including but not limited to images, illustrations, clips and video clips, is protected by copyrights owned and controlled by M. DIAS BRANCO S.A. INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ALIMENTOS. Material from the site or any other site owned, operated, licensed or controlled by M. DIAS BRANCO S.A. INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ALIMENTOS may not be copied, reproduced, republished, transmitted in any distributed form, or posted on the internet by uploading or posting. The modification or use of this material for any other purpose constitutes a breach of copyright or ownership rights. For the purposes of this Terms of Use Agreement, the use of any material referred to above on any other website or computer network is prohibited.

User Rights

Any internet user has the right to free registration at and use of its resources, respecting the limitations imposed by the system.

User Responsibilities

USERS must:

a) Inform Isabela, in the appropriate field, of any alteration to the data mentioned in the preamble of the present e-document, including change of e-mail; otherwise all warnings and notifications will be sent to the addresses of this contract and will be considered valid;

b) Be responsible for the veracity and accuracy of their registration information provided in the preamble to this e-document, on the basis of which the rules of engagement between the parties will be defined.

c) Abstain from: using programs for any reason that harm or may harm the operation of ISABELA’S servers, UNDER PENALTY OF IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF THE PROVISION OF SERVICES HEREIN AGREED TO, REGARDLESS OF NOTICE OR NOTIFICATION; storing in the space available, content that harms or may harm the operation of the site in any way, UNDER PENALTY OF IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF THE PROVISION OF ISABELA’S SERVICES HEREIN AGREED TO, REGARDLESS OF NOTICE OR NOTIFICATION.

d) Be responsible for maintenance and content available in its Virtual Cookbook.

e) Be retrospectively responsible for, due to judicial or administrative conviction of M. DIAS BRANCO S.A. INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ALIMENTOS and its affiliates, the content of the material conveyed by the Virtual Cookbook of User’s own copyright, including costs and attorney fees.

Restrictions on Use of Website

5.1 If the USER is a minor, he/she should register only after informing his/her parents or guardians and receiving their permission.

5.2 Any content violating the items described in these Terms of Use, as well as any content not cited in this Service Agreement, but which may be deemed unfit by the staff of M. DIAS BRANCO S.A. INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ALIMENTOS, will be taken offline. Once such content is removed, it will never be aired again under any circumstances, and the USER will have already agreed that he/she has no right to claim such republication. In addition, if requested by any judicial or police authority, registration information and connection logs of those who commit any violation of this agreement or of Brazilian law will be made available.

5.3 It is forbidden to store and convey any material, by means of participating on the Isabela website, which does not have the owners’ or guardians’ authorization. The USER must understand that, once published, his/her content becomes public and can be accessed by any internet user. The USER therefore must assume all responsibility for his/her own published content, promising to answer legally if any Brazilian law has been violated.

5.4 It is forbidden to use the Isabela website for:

– The storing of any musical content protected by law (MP3, wav, ram, etc.);
– The using of any materials that may infringe on any Brazilian law;
– Pirated programs;
– The defending of illegal activities;
– Obscene Material and/or pornographic or any other material that exhibits naked bodies and/or pedophilia. Photos without nudity, but excessively vulgar, as well as content from other sites (eg. Playboy, Sexy, national or international erotic sites) are also not allowed on the Isabela website.
– Material that advocates and defends crime and drug use;

– Material that condones racism, as well as Nazi-fascism and any form of ethnic, sexual or religious discrimination;
– The dissemination of COPYRIGHT, IMAGES, TEXT OR REPRODUCTION OF ANY TYPE, without prior authorization by said rights holder. If such occurs, you may be liable for copyright violations or have the content deleted immediately.

Other Conduct to be Followed

6.1 The USER undertakes not to make use of practices considered harmful to the Isabela website system/community. Such practices, which may result in unnecessary resource allocation by our servers and/or annoy other users, include but are not limited to: Using the comment system to post advertisements that entail any kind of flood, spam and similar comments in different posts for dissemination of his/her own website or any other product/service.

– Publishing and then immediately deleting the same comment on the blog again and again in order to appear at the top of the list of favorites /latest updated comments.

Responsibilities of Isabela

Provide the services that are the object of this agreement, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the shared server, adopting with all users the measures needed to prevent harm to its functioning. Excluded from the support to be provided are, among others, for example, support for certain development programs.

Penalties and recission

8.1 ISABELA reserves the right to terminate the services set forth in this Agreement at any time, regardless of any judicial or extrajudicial notice, interpellation, or notification.

8.2 Termination of the services offered by ISABELA will incur no obligation for doing so, nor will it generate any right to compensation by the USER.

8.3 ISABELA reserves the right to take the site offline at any time, regardless of any judicial or extrajudicial notice, interpellation, or notification.


The USER assumes full responsibility for the information given regarding his/her registration, the information and files available in his/her virtual cookbook and comments on the site’s blog, as well as the content hosted therein. The ISABELA website allows USERS to post their own recipes in the Virtual Cookbook. These recipes are the sole responsibility of the USER who posted them. ISABELA does not undertake to test recipes posted by USERS. ISABELA reserves the right to delete recipes published by USERS if they do not comply with company policy.

By posting recipes, the USER is automatically granting the right to use and publish the recipe at no cost. It is ISABELA’S decision as to whether or not to make the recipe public on the ISABELA website. The ISABELA site will offer USERS space to make comments on various topics by means of its blog. The USER shall never make any comment that may be illegal or considered offensive to third parties, and will be solely responsible for all civil and criminal sanctions inherent therein.

USERS may send to other USERS, in the appropriate site location, generic or specific invitations to events, lectures, meetings and the like. However, USER states that he/she is absolutely aware of the fact that ISABELA absolutely does not know the truthfulness of such invitations, the good faith of the one who sends the invitation, the details of the event, etc. Thus, by accepting the invitation, USER does so at his/her own risk, and ISABELA is in no way responsible for any unwanted results from having accepted the invitation, nor is ISABELA responsible for the behavior and attitude of any guests who accepted the invitation and attended the event.


10.1 The purpose of ISABELA is to keep its contents stored indefinitely on its servers and to provide a service that stays on the air 24 hours a day. However, every site is subject to unanticipated situations, and therefore the USER understands and accepts the fact that the permanence of the site on the air all the time is not fully guaranteed, and it may also be down due to maintenance or because of failure in the hosting company’s equipment, or as a result of hacker attacks on its servers.

10.2 The USER understands and accepts that the storage of his/her content may be compromised and that he/she has no right to demand replacement for content that may become lost.

Secrecy and Confidentiality

11.1 All data requested of the USER by the website will be used solely for statistical/ ID purposes. We will not pass on such data to third parties, except in cases of judicial request or police investigation due to USER’S criminal use of the services provided on the site

11.2 The parties agree that the information on the ISABELA website, e-mails sent through it, and databases used by USER are covered by the secrecy and confidentiality clause and ISABELA shall not, except in cases of a court order OR INQUIRY BY POLICE OR FEDERAL PROSECUTION OFFICE, AS ALREADY SET FORTH ABOVE, disclose information to third parties.

11.3 ISABELA shall not be liable for data and information breaches listed above resulting from acts of employees, agents or persons authorized by the USER, nor those resulting from criminal or irregular actions of third parties outside the limits of the technical predictability at the time they occur.

Final Provisions

This ISABELA Site Use Agreement may be consulted at any time and all times at The ISABELA website reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. You are responsible for regularly checking these Terms of Use to keep informed of any changes.


You must provide true, accurate and complete information when registering on As part of the registration process, you will be asked to register an email as your username/login, and a password. You will be responsible for any and all activities occurring under your username and for keeping your password secure. We may refuse to grant you a username/login (email) that matches the name of another person who is or may be protected by trademark or proprietary rights law, or if it is considered vulgar, offensive or inappropriate, according to our own criteria.

The USER who registers in the “Virtual Cookbook” on the ISABELA website can add his/her own material and that of third parties available there in his/her personal file labeled “Virtual Cookbook.” All material archived by the USER in his/her “Virtual Cookbook” may be removed at any time by ISABELA, at its sole discretion, regardless of any notice or communication by ISABELA.

Property Rights of the Isabela Website

14.1 By submitting, posting or displaying any materials on the ISABELA site, you automatically grant us the irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, worldwide right to copy, distribute, create derivative works from, use and display publicly such materials. The use of your personal information by us shall be governed by our Privacy Policy, and in accordance with it, and your information will never be rented, sold or shared with third parties for commercial purposes without your express permission.

14.2 The collection and use of personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy. The USER understands and agrees that the ISABELA site can access, record and disclose his/her personal information and the contents of his/her account if required by law or when we believe in good faith that such access, record or disclosure is really necessary to meet legal processes or to protect the rights, property and/or security of the ISABELA site, its affiliates or the public in general.