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About Isabela

Sales leader in the cookie category in Southern Brazil and Top of Mind pastas and cookies for 24 years in a row.
About Isabela

About Isabela Sales leader in the cookie category in southern Brazil, Isabela, which belongs to the portfolio of M. Dias Branco S.A. Indústria and Comércio de Alimentos, turned 60 in 2014. The brand has been Top of Mind for pastas and cookies for 24 years in a row, according to the magazine Revista Amanhã (Rio Grande de Sul) and was awarded for the 15th time in a row as the preferred and most remembered brand of the 2014 Marcas de Quem Decide Award, according to Jornal do Comércio. With the slogan “Life is better with Isabela,” it has more than 70 consumer-recognized products, including Isabela Mini Tart Cookies.

About M. Dias Branco S. A. Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos With over sixty years in existence, M. Dias Branco S.A. Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos is a company in the food sector with shares traded on the New Market of the BM&F Bovespa stock exchange. The Company produces and sells cookies, crackers, pasta, flour and wheat bran, margarines and vegetable fats, snacks and cakes, cake mixes and varieties of toast. Headquartered in Eusébio, CE (State of Ceará), the company is a market leader in cookies, crackers and pasta in Brazil, and is the sixth largest pasta company and the seventh largest for cookies and crackers in the global revenue ranking. Its operations generate more than 17,000 direct jobs in different regions, reflecting its commitment to making an important contribution to the country’s economic and social development.

Its story began back in the 1940s, when the Portuguese businessman and immigrant Manuel Dias Branco started the Padaria Imperial (Imperial Bakery) in Fortaleza (CE). These days, M. Dias Branco has a modern industrial complex with the latest equipment that lives up to the most stringent quality standards. It operates with a vertical integration model that enables the production of its most important raw materials, flour and vegetable fat used in cookie, cracker and pasta production. Its brands are synonymous with tradition and quality, establishing a bond of trust and respect with the consumer. The operational structure of M. Dias Branco S.A. Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos is based in the state of Ceará and has 13 industrial units and 30 commercial units distributed in different states of Brazil, ensuring exposure for its lines throughout the country.

Isabela has 62 years of history and tradition in Southern Brazil. Learn a bit about the journey of the Isabela brand.
  • 1954

    With only six employees, Massas Alimentícias Ltda. was founded in Dona Isabel Colony by four merchant and farmer friends who saw the need for marketing pastas in the region.

    Ano - 1954
  • Ano - 1955


    The 160m² building received the first industrial equipment for starting the production of pasta.

  • 1958

    All the machinery was replaced, tripling production and increasing quality.

    Ano - 1958
  • Ano - 1959


    Distribution of cookies, crackers and the roasting of Café Puro Pio XII began.

  • 1965

    Creation of the new company name, which came to be called Isabela Produtos Alimentícios (Isabela Food Products), named after the former Dona Isabel colony.

    Ano - 1965
  • Ano - 1967


    Boosting of the company's operational structure, modernized packaging, product launches, improvements in the sales and delivery system.

    Increased distribution system, newly acquired trucks, and opening of the first Isabela warehouse in Porto Alegre.

  • 1974

    Construction of a new 150,000 m² industrial complex to produce pasta, cookies and crackers.

    Ano - 1974
  • Ano - 2001


    Isabela became part of Adria Alimentos do Brasil Ltda., owner of the Adria, Zabet and Basilar brands.

  • 2003

    Adria Alimentos do Brasil Ltda. was acquired by the group M. Dias Branco, of Fortaleza, a national leader in the pasta, cookie and cracker categories.

    Ano - 2003
  • Ano - 2011


    “Vá Direto no Recheio” (Go Straight to the Filling) Campaign.

  • 2014

    The Isabela brand completed 60 years with a renovated visual identity!

    Ano - 2014
  • Ano - 2015


    RS Top of Mind and RS Marcas de Quem Decide Awards.